Accessorize Yourself with “Everyday Jewelry Tips”

The love of jewelry and the passion for social media compelled me to start the e-commerce platform – Fashion Maggi. Yes, your love and passion can change your dreams into reality and make you happy the happiest for doing what you love the most.

So, while working on the collection enhancement on FashionMaggi.com, I came across some jewelry pieces like necklaces and pendants that were sleek, smart, trendy and in one word – AMAZING. This is what that happens with most of us, we see the design, we fall in love and we buy it. BUT WHAT NEXT? Do we get the right attire to wear it or we simply land up having it with any outfit. And ultimately when it doesn’t stand out or if we don’t get any compliments, our favorite pieces also become an another piece of jewelry in our wardrobe.

Knowing this fact, Fashion Maggi has come up with a great blogging routine where you will know many accessorizing hacks that will give you a long lasting relationship with all your jewelries and on top of it giving you a standout look.

So, next time when you fall for anything, don’t give a second thought, just grab it and then logon to www.fashionmaggi.com and you will have ample ideas to pair favorite jewelries perfectly with your attire to give an outstanding look to yourself and to your outfit.

So here comes our first blog on“How to Accessorize some of the Style Wears with the Right Necklace and give yourself an Ultimate look”.

Style 1:

Must Accessories your simple one-piece dress with a contrast and simple long neckwear, contrast colour here will get your dress and neck-piece both noticed. This not only gives you a stand out look but boost up your confidence to the maximum. Just Try and you will know what we are talking about here.

Style 2:

The off-shoulder tops and Dress are too much in the trend and it demands a neck-pieces every time when you wear it. Wearing a choker or a chick necklace or a short statement necklace that matches the dress color is the perfect match for it. It enhances your overall look as the necklace and the dress both gets balanced attention enhancing each other’s look.

Avoid the Contrast color here as they might not complement each other and of them i.e. wither the dress or the neck-piece might get overlooked.


Style 3:

We often pair our t-neck or high neck t-shirts with a nice matching earrings. No doubt, that goes well but why do you drop the idea of neck-piece on it? Accessories it with a statement necklace and you will be astonished to see, the t-necks goes best with the statement necklace as compared to other styles.

While t-necks are in fashion forever, you can have best collection of statement necklaces to gel with it. The light shade t-necks are perfect to go with either golden or silver statement necklaces and another advantage of accessorizing your high neck t-shirts with the statement necklace is, you will get a slim look. Yes, you read it right! Just try one today and you will be amazed to see the look.

Style 4:

When you pair a deep neck top or a spaghetti with a fashionable shrug or a jacket, you can accessorize yourself with a choker accompanied with a sleek simple chain with a pendant. To keep it elegant, match the choker neck-piece with the jacket and contrast it with any copper, silver of golden colored chain and small pendant

Style 5:

When you pair a denim skirts, shorts or full jeans, with a short neck and plain black or white tops, accessorize yourself with a simple golden or silver statement necklace, it will stand out loud but decent. I am sure, you will love this blend to the best.

Follow a fashion but let your attitude speak about the trend. So girls! Get set and rock everytime and in every attire. Subscribe with us, follow us and like our Facebook page, join our group and stay updated on fashion hacks Not just to follow the fashion but to create your own trend

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