Hey Girls!! Do you know, the statement earrings and the long drop earrings are the hottest fashion statement these days? Yes, the statement earrings are so much in fashion these days that every online and offline jewelry store is flooded with the bright, colorful pair of long and statement earrings. Best part of buying the earrings is, there is not much analysis required to match them with our attire. Yes, right! The pairing of earrings is extremely cool as it goes well with everything. Unlike necklace, you can pair these with any neckline tops or dresses and also contrast, matching or anything goes with everything.

So Girls! If your wardrobe sleeps with such long earrings, its time to wake them up OR if you still need to have the collection, its time to grab them and get set ready for a rocking look without much accessorizing. The latest trend has brought a great opportunity for those who wants to be trendy with less accessories.

And to add more excitement in buying and dressing up with the latest designed and beautiful earrings, here are few style tips by Fashion Maggi for all the fashion freak girls and women who love to go with the flow of latest trends.

Style 1

These kind of statement earrings should not be paired at all with any other accessories. Just the pair of earrings and your simple or trendy outfit will give a standout look in all occasions.

Style 2

The stores are full of bright colored long drop earrings specially in thread material, get these in all your favourite colors. The patters are almost similar but you can pick different ones for the variety and simply put on with matching outfits or contrast dresses and you are ready to rock.



Style 3

Because the fashion trend is in love with the earrings, we cannot forget to have the metallic statement earrings, they are again not required to be paired with any other accessories and with a party makeup, these earrings can do wonders to your overall look.

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The love of jewelry and the passion for social media compelled me to start the e-commerce platform – Fashion Maggi. Yes, your love and passion can change your dreams into reality and make you happy the happiest for doing what you love the most.

So, while working on the collection enhancement on FashionMaggi.com, I came across some jewelry pieces like necklaces and pendants that were sleek, smart, trendy and in one word – AMAZING. This is what that happens with most of us, we see the design, we fall in love and we buy it. BUT WHAT NEXT? Do we get the right attire to wear it or we simply land up having it with any outfit. And ultimately when it doesn’t stand out or if we don’t get any compliments, our favorite pieces also become an another piece of jewelry in our wardrobe.

Knowing this fact, Fashion Maggi has come up with a great blogging routine where you will know many accessorizing hacks that will give you a long lasting relationship with all your jewelries and on top of it giving you a standout look.

So, next time when you fall for anything, don’t give a second thought, just grab it and then logon to www.fashionmaggi.com and you will have ample ideas to pair favorite jewelries perfectly with your attire to give an outstanding look to yourself and to your outfit.

So here comes our first blog on“How to Accessorize some of the Style Wears with the Right Necklace and give yourself an Ultimate look”.

Style 1:

Must Accessories your simple one-piece dress with a contrast and simple long neckwear, contrast colour here will get your dress and neck-piece both noticed. This not only gives you a stand out look but boost up your confidence to the maximum. Just Try and you will know what we are talking about here.

Style 2:

The off-shoulder tops and Dress are too much in the trend and it demands a neck-pieces every time when you wear it. Wearing a choker or a chick necklace or a short statement necklace that matches the dress color is the perfect match for it. It enhances your overall look as the necklace and the dress both gets balanced attention enhancing each other’s look.

Avoid the Contrast color here as they might not complement each other and of them i.e. wither the dress or the neck-piece might get overlooked.


Style 3:

We often pair our t-neck or high neck t-shirts with a nice matching earrings. No doubt, that goes well but why do you drop the idea of neck-piece on it? Accessories it with a statement necklace and you will be astonished to see, the t-necks goes best with the statement necklace as compared to other styles.

While t-necks are in fashion forever, you can have best collection of statement necklaces to gel with it. The light shade t-necks are perfect to go with either golden or silver statement necklaces and another advantage of accessorizing your high neck t-shirts with the statement necklace is, you will get a slim look. Yes, you read it right! Just try one today and you will be amazed to see the look.

Style 4:

When you pair a deep neck top or a spaghetti with a fashionable shrug or a jacket, you can accessorize yourself with a choker accompanied with a sleek simple chain with a pendant. To keep it elegant, match the choker neck-piece with the jacket and contrast it with any copper, silver of golden colored chain and small pendant

Style 5:

When you pair a denim skirts, shorts or full jeans, with a short neck and plain black or white tops, accessorize yourself with a simple golden or silver statement necklace, it will stand out loud but decent. I am sure, you will love this blend to the best.

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You can do just without anything, but you cannot do without jewelry. Every woman expresses a great concern about wearing jewelry – a tradition that has been into practice for thousands of years.

Women nowadays don’t even think twice before splurging on jewelry whether or gold or diamond because it seems to be a symbol of womanhood and social status. For women of today, jewelry plays a very crucial role as it makes them feel confident and gorgeous deep inside.

Here are different pieces of jewelry that leave women mesmerized with their designs.

  • Rings
  • Nose Rings
  • Toe Rings
  • Earrings
  • Anklets
  • Armlets
  • Necklaces
  • Bangles

You can find a large variety of jewelry that will spoil you for choice. No matter you’re looking to grab the best and exquisitely designed earrings, rings, bracelets, or necklaces, jewelry has gained immense popularity in every nook and corner of the world.

Ever thought why people, especially women are so fond of wearing jewelry?

 Most of us wear jewelry on a daily basis without even thinking twice. Perhaps the reason for people wearing jewelry is that they want to keep themselves safe and secure against evil souls or believe in the gods. But you may be wearing jewelry to indicate your wealth and social status. You ask yourself “What is so special about wearing gold, sterling silver or gemstone jewelry?

Well, the need to don jewelry began 75,000 years ago. Jewelry was made from a plethora of materials available, including:

  • Bones
  • Leather
  • Shells
  • Animal Teeth
  • Pebbles
  • Feathers

These objects were then crafted into various types of jewelry like beads, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories used for adornment. A lot of people live with a perception that social status was probably the first reason to wear jewelry. As time passed, the use of jewelry attained popularity as the people were able to satiate their basic needs for food and shelter through the use of jewelry.

Here we share 3 reasons stating the fact why people give so much importance to wearing jewelry:

Narrates a Story

 We like to adorn ourselves in every possible way you could think of. And jewelry is something that lets you share your experience with others when you first bought a shiny piece. Since time immemorial, people have extensively been relying on various forms of jewelry.

Moreover, jewelry reflects our culture, values, beliefs, status, achievements we have achieved in our lives. You may have also heard of “heirloom jewelry”. It’s a jewelry that has been kept intact and passed from one generation to another. So if you want to grace your coming generation, get a unique and exquisitely jewelry designed that will breathe life into the story of your family for eternity.

Boosts Your Confidence

 Wearing the right jewelry will be the most feasible decision you will make no matter you wear it daily or to work. It improves your self-esteem irrespective of any event or occasion you are likely to be a part of.

 Helps You Strike a Conversation

 As you know that women are fond of jewelry, they may ask you when spotting that exquisite necklace “Hey, where did you get that from?” That way you get to make acquaintance with other women sharing the same taste as yours in jewelry. You tell them that it was a gift from your spouse on the 3rd wedding anniversary, or you inherited from your grandmother. There is no denying the fact that jewelry is a conversation starter.

Why does jewelry play an important role for women of today?

 Other than accentuating the personality of women, jewelry is also regarded as the means of providing security during the financial crisis. The value of jewelry be it gold or diamond never depreciates. Truth be told, it appreciates with each passing minute. On the traditional front, having a great collection of jewelry exemplifies status, power, and enormous wealth.

Jewelry has the ability to put emphasis on the personality of every woman who understands its significance in life. Not only does it make them feel sophisticated and stunning, it also makes them feel special. Women have been drawn to a plethora of attention-grabbing styles and designs.


Ah, Pearls! What can we say about them? Even a slight thought makes you grab them for all the shine and elegance they bring upon you. If we were to define ‘pearls’ in just one word, odds are we would come up with 2Cs: Chic and Cool. However, women with a weakness for pearl jewelry would go on and on when it comes to expressing their keen interest or deepest love for them wholeheartedly.

In this blog, we will shed some light on pearls and a useful guide that will make the pearl buying experience an easier affair.

In the market to buy fascinating pearls?

Well, before making that final call to grab some, don’t you think it’s good to know about what pearls actually are? Pearls – the only gemstone in the world that comes from a living creature – has been catching every woman’s fancy to the core. Mollusks such as oysters and mussels produce these valuable jewels that many have held a fascination since the golden times. With a plethora of appealing sizes and shapes, they continue to spoil people, especially women for choice.

The ones with a round shape and white in colour remain to be the most popular of all. Truth be told, pearls are well-known for the distinctive beauty they come loaded with which comes from their luminosity.

How to buy pearls?

 Well, buying pearls can make you feel overwhelmed if you are a first timer. We will be honest with you here. Buying these elegant gems is certainly not a piece of cake. With some cautious research, however, you will make the most feasible choice when buying those exquisite pearls.

The goal of this useful guide is to make things simpler if you are out there buying pearl jewelry for the first ti


Although pearl colours usually consist of white, pink, yellow, black, cream or silver, the general colour of this gemstone is also known as the body colour. Even a single pearl can reveal a lot as compared to one colour. For instance, you can get a white pearl with a slightly contrasting overtone. It could be a semitransparent colour including pink or green on their surface. One of the best things about stunning pearls is that these gems can be found in almost any colour or shade. It’s entirely at your discretion what colour will go along with your personality.

It’s important for you to know that pearls available in natural rare colours can cost an arm and a leg. If you want, you can consider improving the pearl’s natural colour by means of dyeing, irradiation and other processe


 Akoya Pearls – With several various types of pearls available on the market, each type has unique features that make it appealing and eye-catching. Akoya pearls are not only elegant and round, they are a true classic. You can get these pearls in black or white. Black Akoya pearls are gaining immense popularity, though they are not made naturally.

Freshwater Pearls – Multi-coloured and versatile in nature, freshwater gemstones are very reasonable when it comes to buying them. You can find them in a variety of colours such as pink, lavender and every other shade you could think of.

Tahitian Pearls – Looking for pearls with a hidden mystery? Available in overtones like Green Rose, Blue-Green, Peacock, Green Rose and many more, Tahitian Pearls are large in size compared to Akoya or Freshwater pearls. You can opt for these gems to pair with any style.

South Sea Pearls – What can we say about the largest and rarest of all? They will take your breath away being available in natural icy white and satiny or golden colours.


 The way pearls reflect light is one of their most crucial aspects. This feature is extremely affected by the luster. If a pearl has more luster, it will become more precious. Pearl feature a vibrant glow as compared to other gems and this makes them one of the highly admired gemstones of all. Luster can differ from a drab look to the one with impeccable radiance.


 Many shapes can be found in pearls. The round is the rarest pearl shape which is of premium quality. Pearls with a non-spherical or symmetrical shape are deemed to be the ones with a poor quality. Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea Pearls have a round shape which makes them the most desirable among women.

 Of course, your research will be based on style, colour, price, quality, and personal preference so that you thoroughly make the most of your pearl buying experience. Go for the one that accentuates your personality when worn.